For Sale By Owner (FSBO) – List on MLS® in Ontario

For those of you who are looking to sell or rent their home privately the for sale by owner (FSBO) way, look no further – your solution is finally here. There are a variety of free or cost effective ways to sell your property – in particular, there are a variety of free sale and rent websites such as kijiji, craigslist, homenova, and many other websites.

However, these options are limited – you get what you pay for after all and while all of the websites above a respectable legitimate ways to sell or rent your property on your own, they do not necessarily give you the same exposure that you can get on is Canada’s top rated website in terms of traffic as ranked by alexa. The website is also highly targeted, with the majority of its daily visitors being home buyers or agents. Agents not so much as they can log in to their local mls system.

For Sale By Owner – FSBO way to sell your home on mls

Up until a few years ago, it was very difficult to get yourself listed on – you would need to sign a representation agreement with a real estate agent (with commission usually) or be charged a very hefty flat fee. However, look no more. Recently, if you want to take your property and list on mls, it is not very difficult. Homenova offers a service through cooperating real estate brokerages that is only $95 for six months listing. It is very cheap and gets your property out there for six months in Ontario. The name of the product is flat fee mls listing. Homenova currently only offers this product in Ontario.

Other than MLS, other options include getting yourself real estate signs, brochures, professional photography, stager, and many other options. Your best bet is to go on a local directory and look for service providers which can offer to you this service.

You may also want to produce a youtube video of your property. Youtube comes with a built in slideshow generator which allows you to create an attractive marketing option for your property.

You can print brochures through a variety of online print shops which offer such services.

Finally, for legal forms you may want to get the service for a licensed lawyer in Ontario to provide to you the appropriate forms. While real estate agents are certified to provide to you advice about the real estate forms to use, so can lawyers. The difference is that you should really use a lawyer for the purpose of buying or selling your home. A realtor can also give you advice about the forms but they cannot give you legal advice. A lawyer can. The fees of a lawyer are usually only $1000 and they include reviewing offers and your mortgage agreement as well.

Finally, make sure that you have your mortgage covered and have a deposit cheque available. Most sellers expect a deposit when receiving an offer for their property and you do not want to put yourself in a disadvantaged position by not being prepared.